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A formulary is a list of drugs that are eligible for coverage by a prescription drug plan. Gundersen Health Plan's Drug Formulary is developed by the Gundersen Health Plan Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee). This committee is composed of Physicians from various medical specialties, Pharmacists and Health Plan staff who review medications in all therapeutic categories based on safety, effectiveness, and cost. 

Additional Information

The formulary applies only to prescription medications dispensed to outpatients by participating pharmacies. The Formulary does not apply to inpatient medications or to medications obtained from and/or administered by a physician. if your employer has chosen a modified version of the formulary, please call Customer Service. The Formulary should be used as a reference and is subject to change.

Specialty Medications

Specialty medications are an important part of treatment for many chronic and complex health conditions. They are commonly prescribed by a specialist provider, and are significantly more expensive than alternative drugs or therapies. These drugs require special dosing and are typically injectable and can be self-administered by a patient or family member. They also require personalized coordination between the patient, physician and pharmacy. Please note, these are our standard formularies,

Formulary Development

Formulary development and maintenance is an ongoing process. The P&T Committee regularly reviews new and existing medications to ensure the Formulary remains responsive to the needs of our members and providers. The Formulary is updated periodically.