The Member Portals accessed below provide quick access to member-specific benefit documents such as your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), Certificate of Coverage, Schedule of Benefits, Provider Directory, Prescription Drug Formulary search and Member Rights and Responsibilities, as well as other documents specific to your plan.


These portals are for most Commercial and GundersenOne members. They do not produce documents for some self-funded employer group members or Senior Preferred members. If you have questions, please contact Customer Service.


Enter your subscriber or member identification (ID) number located on your ID card.

If your ID begins with 70, 80, or 90, click here to go to the portal to enter your subscriber / member ID number.

If your ID begins with 713 or 714, click here to go to the portal to enter your subscriber / member ID number.

When you enter your number, enter all 11 digits with no spaces, such as 91234567801.


Create an account via the Member Login. This tool allows members to:

  • View member-specific coverage information
  • View Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements
  • Submit a question about a claim or EOB
  • Order an ID card
  • Submit a pharmacy exception request
  • Enroll in a disease management program
  • Request an out of pocket financial estimate for a healthcare service


Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Once you enter your member identification number, you can view your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). If you have questions about your SBC, please refer to the glossary or contact Customer Service.

Referral and Prior Authorization

A referral or prior authorization may be needed for some medical services and prescriptions to be covered by Quartz. This means that you or your doctor must get approval from Quartz before the service is provided. To find out more, access your plan documents using the Member Portal, or contact Customer Service.