The provider directory lists providers within the Gundersen Health Plan provider network. This network includes providers within regions of western Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota. The online provider directories are updated daily to include a current listing of practitioners and facilities contracted with Gundersen Health Plan.

Please be sure to choose the provider directory that corresponds to your network. To find out if a specific provider is in our network, you can also call Customer Service at (608) 775-8007 or toll free (800) 897-1923 or send an email to If you see a provider that is not a part of your specific network, it could result in non-payment of services, making it your financial responsibility. Please call Customer Service if you have other questions or need further information regarding the professional qualifications, the medical school attended, residency completed or board certification status of the practitioners listed in this directory.

A hard copy of the provider directory is available upon request by calling Customer Service.

To learn more about the Gundersen Health Plan networks, please choose a link below.

*Please note, GundersenOne members should choose the Select Network directory when using the search function.

Gundersen Health Plan uses the same criteria to select practitioners for all Marketplace plans, including silver-tier plans. Our organization does not use quality measures, member experience measures, or cost-related measures to select Marketplace practitioners or hospitals.

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The information displayed in the searchable Provider Directory is updated daily.

This web page was last updated on September 27, 2016.

In order to perform a search for a provider within Gundersen Health Plan’s network of practitioners and facilities, please click a search button and then complete the mandatory fields, in addition to any other fields, to search through our listing of providers and facilities.